We are back with something new and exciting for you!

When you think of the best moments in your life, was it learning something new or sitting on the terrace sipping that perfectly made cocktail? What if we can offer you both? What if you can learn how to make your own cocktail?

We realize that corona has not given us many opportunities to go out and have fun. That is why your favorite cocktail bar is bringing you an exciting evening out, of course at safe distance. The Penthouse is offering a new exclusive cocktail workshop for you and your friends/family. We all deserve a fun evening out and it is even better when you can learn a new skill!

You will be taught how to make 3 different and delicious cocktails in a workshop that will last around 2 hours. The place of the workshop is Sky Bar, alongside a breathtaking view from the 40th floor. You will not only learn how to make your drinks, but you will also receive knowledge about different types of alcohol from our international mixologist Vlad Deme. The workshop will be taught in English and it will be organized in the upcoming weeks. The maximum amount of people that we can host per session is 10 and of course, all the Covid19 regulations will be taken into consideration.

On top of this, all the cocktails that you will learn how to make will have a winter theme. The best part? The perfect winter songs will be played to give you the perfect vibe to start your Christmas holiday! You will be able to learn, drink, have a snack, and enjoy an entertaining evening with your friends/family, but also network with other people.

Tickets now available! Just select a date and time.