Available now: The Sky Bar Cocktail Box developed by our specialist bartender Vlad Deme.

  • Sky-Tai: Bumbu Rum, Grand Marnier, fallernum syrup, angostura bitters, lime juice. (2 serves)
    Fresh, tropical, funky
  • Chocolate Whiskey Sour: Woodford Reserve, lemon juice, tonka syrup, spiced chocolate bitters , egg white. (2 serves)
    Sour, sweet, spicy

How to serve ?

  • Sky-Tai: shake the bottle, pour over ice, add the garnish and enjoy!
  • Chocolate Whiskey Sour: shake the bottle vigorously, por over ice, perfume it with the zest of a lemon, add the garnish and enjoy !

No bar equipment is needed, only some ice! Order your box now and we will bring the Sky-bar atmosphere at your door.

Order The Sky Bar Cocktail Box now

The Penthouse Cocktail Box contains:

  • 2 bottles of 200 ml (equivalent of 4 serves)
  • Napkins
  • Straws
  • Garnish

Enjoy !